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Sketch - Throne Room by Mavriarch Sketch - Throne Room :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 1 0
PrussiaXReader(17) - Changing Lives

Warning: mentions of abuse, violence, bad language, etc.
2 chapters until the end ;D

The world grew silent, yet there was only chaos around you. People where running around, yelling, but no sound reached your ears. It felt like a dream.
Hands took your arms and raised you from the asphalt onto your shaky legs. A person shoved themselves into your line of vision, their lips moving but no sound came out. You didn’t need to listen to them, anyway.
You shoved the person to the side and stepped forward, locking your eyes on Gilbert, still, on the floor, with people around him. You wanted to get to him, but your legs gave out. Hands held your arms once more, saving you from falling again.
A small voice spoke among the silence.
It’s all your fault.
And suddenly you were hearing again. People talking, frantic, cars honking in protest, unaware of what was blocking the street. Among the uproar, it was impossible for you to make out any
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PrussiaXReader(16) - Changing Lives

My life as turned upside down in the past months, thanks to college. I'm finally in college!!! 
(Read description for details and messages)
Warning: Language... Why do I still write this?
The next day, you met again with Ivan during lunch time again. You had taken refugee in the library, after a morning of boring classes, when he showed up. You were too engrossed in your book to pay attention to anyone. You only saw him when you felt someone sit on the chair in front of you.
You raised your eyes from the book and found a pair of purple ones.
"Hello!" He said with a smile. You smile back.
"Hey, what brings you here?"
"Math." He set said subject's book on the table. He sighed, clearly not pleased with it.
"Need help?" You offered.
"No, I don't want to bother you," Ivan smiled in gratitude at your offer. You ignored him and closed your book before moving to the chair next to
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Bruce Banner x Teen!Sister!Reader - Devil's Flies

Random idea I had many months back due to a stupid discussion with my best friend. Only now did I bother writing it.

The teen stumbled into the lab of Stark Tower, with dangling arms and the most bored face ever. If anyone were to ask her how she felt, the answer would be “like melted chocolate”.
A smile came to her face as the cold air of the room hit her, making a welcome shiver of cold run down her spine. She looked around the lab as she put her backpack on the floor near the entrance.
No millionaire on sight, just her nerd brother messing with some chemicals on a secluded part of the lab.
“Bruce!” She called. The scientist raised his head from his work and a smile blossomed on his face as he saw his little sister. She smiled back and after taking her water bottle from her bag, she slithered between the tables towards him.
“So, (Name) how was school tod
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PrussiaXReader(15) - Changing Lives
Warning: Language and a punch. Also language
German was with Translate, 'cause I don't know German.
As you got up and left the bedroom, Suicune immediately ran towards you. It was the puppy's fourth day in the penthouse, and it seemed to already know when someone was down.
Your rage dwindled as you saw the white ball running around your legs, whining in worry.
"You're really cute, aren't you?" You asked as you crouched down to pet it. Grabbing the dog, you took it to the kitchen with you, and set it down in a chair. As you grabbed the milk and cereals, you saw Suicune trying to jump to the floor, probably to get to you, but the puppy was afraid of the height.
"Cute...~" You muttered as you approached the table. Suicune whined, as if asking you to put it down, but you ignored it and sat on the chair beside it. That was enough to silence it.
As you ate, you used your free hand to play with Suicune and to avoid the puppy from jumping into you
:iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 3 5
Danny Rand X Reader - Not leaving

My first one-shot ever! I just picked a prompt from a list I found on Tumblr and wrote the first character that came to mind.
Hope you enjoy

I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”
She groaned from behind the door, her eye still peaking through the hole. The worst was that he was being really persistent.
“Fine. Make yourself comfortable then!” She spewed at him from behind the door. She saw him frown deeper and kicking with the puppy eyes, as if he knew she was watching him through the peak hole. Scratch that, he knew.
“(Y/n), you're being unreasonable. Please, I can explain!” Danny said desperately from outside. “Just open the door so we can talk.”
“Go away!” She yelled at him backing away from the door. Looking at the clock on the other side of the living room, she decided to go to
:iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 19 7
Cairi wishes you an happy birthday!! by Mavriarch Cairi wishes you an happy birthday!! :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 1 0
PrussiaXReader(14) - Changing Lives
You woke up in a dark room, inside a fluffy bed. Your head pounded, and you could already guess you were with an hangover.
"Oh, yeah, dad's gonna love this..." You muttered to yourself. You stretched, starfish style.
Your hand touched something, or rather someone, who was sharing the bed with you. You realized you still had your dress on, so nothing had happened... you hopped. Your phone as still in its "hiding place", so you took it out and used the screen light to see who the hell it was. You sighed in relieve.
'It's just Lily...'
Your phone read 6 am, so you decided to sleep a bit more... But first, you needed to go to the bathroom.
Using your phone as flashlight, you searched around the room. There was a sofa opposite to the double bed, were a shape that a appeared to be Leo seemed to have crashed on. He was lightly snoring. But what you really wanted was the door on the left side of the room, where the bathroom tiles reflected the phone's light back at you.
:iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 4 8
PrussiaXReader(13) - Changing Lives
Warning: Language... But I guess that's not a surprise, is it?
                 AND underage drinking. Don't do it, or at least don't exaggerate.

A few more days and it was Saturday. Was it a normal Saturday? Apparently, no.
You woke up early like always, read a bit until you became brave enough to leave the warmth of the bed, and finally went to the kitchen for breakfast. When you got there, you found a rare sight. Two actually. One, you had pancakes for breakfast (which no one ever bothered to make); and second, it was your father who was making them. Connor and Leonard were helping by making orange juice. Before you could say anything, you found yourself being hugged by Christine.
"Happy birthday, sis!!" You froze.
'Wait, what?' ...Brain Restart in 3... 2... 1...
"What?" You asked, absolutely confused. "...Birthday?"
"Yes, (y/n)." Your father spoke. "It's yours and Le
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Flame All Around [12 Inktober] by Mavriarch Flame All Around [12 Inktober] :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 3 0 A Space Between The Stars[8 Inktober] by Mavriarch A Space Between The Stars[8 Inktober] :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 4 2 Time is Running Out [7 Inktober] by Mavriarch Time is Running Out [7 Inktober] :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 6 2 Crow [5 Inktober] by Mavriarch Crow [5 Inktober] :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 6 0 Bad Apple [4 Inktober] by Mavriarch Bad Apple [4 Inktober] :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 4 2
PrussiaXReader(12) - Changing Lives
Warning: Bad language, Violence and a suggestive moment. Think I need a mature filter? Just say so!

Monday morning was hell for every person that worked or studied, but you had just reached a whole new level. Twenty four hours weren't enough for you to prepare yourself to go back to school after realizing you had a crush on Gilbert, nor to remember when did that happen exactly. For the time being, you tried to ignore that tiny fact.
As usual, Leonard had already noticed you were way to nervous the day before and asked you the problem, which you refused to tell. Christine did guess it, though, and you had to tell her the details, unless you wanted her to tell the whole family you had a crush on someone. The perks of having a 8 year old sister with a keen eye... Even after telling her, you had to promise to take her shopping with you the next day after school, just to be sure her mouth would keep shut. You would have blackmailed her, if you had material to do so.
This Monda
:iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 14 4
Feather by Mavriarch Feather :iconmavriarch:Mavriarch 2 0

Warning: Swearing, swearing, swearing, bad words, swearing, violence and more swearing


As you got up and left the bedroom, Suicune immediately ran towards you. It was the puppy's fourth day in the penthouse, and it seemed to already know when someone was down.

Your rage dwindled as you saw the white ball running around your legs, whining in worry.

"You're really cute, aren't you?" You asked as you crouched down to pet it. Grabbing the dog, you took it to the kitchen with you, and set it down in a chair. As you grabbed the milk and cereals, you saw Suicune trying to jump to the floor, probably to get to you. But the puppy was afraid of the height.

Even so, Suicune jumped down...

...and died.

The End.


Sorry I disappointed you, I know I'm terrible. I'm not myself when I have cramps so strong that I want to throw up...(even though I already had this planned for a few days)

Fuck my uterus, fuck my stomach, fuck me, fuck nature, FUCK EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE DAMNIT!!!

Ahem... Because of my terribleness, I solemnly swear I'm up to no good I'll post the next chapter by the end of April (It's already half-written, anyway.) So expect it at least by the end of the month.

Have a nice day.


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